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Products developed under or for Kyriaki Brands

Crying boy peri-peri is build for the Zambian market, every part of the design process of the product has been on using locally available products.
So far we have developed 2 distinct products, the original recipe, which is made from Thai red demon chillies and the tangy green made from green birds eye chillies.
For more information on the product check out the website

Occasiona is an online product found at occaisiona.com built to fill organisational needs during the planning of a weddings and many other occasions, this includes guest list management and RSVP handling, budget and to do planing, customizable event information pages as well as crowed sourced event and location specific service provider directory

Savages Clothing is our first attempt at getting into the clothing market, the brand itself is designed around lifestyle choice rather than high fashion. Our target market is men between the ages of 25 - 35 who enjoy a rounded semi active lifestyle.
We are currently working on a club themed web application as well as a spin off brand 'Savages The Gear' starting with tried and tested fishing accessories and camping tools.

Brand Development Agent is our service department handing all out external clients with matters of brand Development, services include:

  • Web design
  • Logo Design
  • Product visual Identity & label design
  • Large Format Design
  • Photography
  • Food & Beverage Recipe Development